Mission Log
  • Wed 23rd Sept 1942
  • Tens of thousands of russians arrive on the east bank of the Volga and are herded into ferries that will carry them over to the west bank and the city of Stalingrad.
  • The heroes are loaded into one of the ferries and transported over, they are attacked by Stuka dive bombers and many are killed.
  • Arrival on the west bank, and sorted into groups of 12, the heroes are placed in 3rd Squad, 2nd Platoon, 7th Company in the infamous "Lucky" 13th infrantry division, responsible for the defence of Stalingrad. They are assigned a Leytenant who is their Squad leader.
  • 3rd Squad are sent to relieve the remnants of the former 3rd Squad in a canning factory near the river.
  • Shortly afterwards they are attacked by 2 undermanned german squads in a firefight, the germans caused havoc when they threw grenades into the Soviets hideout. Two of the squad were killed as well as the Squad leader who was recieving first aid when the grenade landed on him. The germans were mostly killed with a few escaping into the rubble.
  • Corporal Golushko and his friends drop in for a visit. Tell the group about the cellar, A place to trade and meet ather soldiers.
  • After four days of little action the squad was visited by their Kapitan Borris Petrovic and Serzhant Nikolai. The Kapitan organized food (little as it was) and water for the squad. The other visitor to the squad was Commissar Vasily Ivanovich who was trying to boost morale. The best he could manage was to reasign Ivan Betts the trouble maker.

Sun 27th Sept

  • The squad was given more men and arms and sent to deal with a Panzer tank that was in the area.
  • The squad was successful but not without heavy losses involving, six of their 11 man squad being killed by the tank. The remaining five members of the squad and their Serzhant gave a cheer of victory.
  • The soldiers killed in action were Ryadovoy's - Akim Alfermour, Vasily Malchevsky, Borris Razaminr, Borris Petrovic, Kirill Privobsky and Vadim Vernkolf.
  • The surviving squad members were Ryadovoy's - Klurd Boryevich, Akan Makarakov, Oleg Medvedev, Alexiay Pentrenko, Vladimir Tupolov and Serzhant - Nikolai Kovensky.

Mon 28th Sept

  • Discovered the Cellar and made their first visit that night. Arkan makes a friend in Alexandra, a female soldier at an anti-aircraft battery.

Tue 29th Sept

  • Pyotr rejoined the squad.

Wed 30th Sept

  • Visited the Cellar at night, Klerd bought some cards.

Thur 1st Oct

  • Recieved meagre rations.

Fri 2nd Oct

  • Alexandra visits Arkan, comes with two female friends and a sniper named Vladimir who joins the squad.
  • They visit the Cellar that night.

Sat 3rd Oct

  • Visited Cellar again, Oleg picks up a bottle of champaigne.

Sun 4th Oct

  • Quite day, uneventful.

Mon 5th Oct

  • The squad receives reinforcements in the form of Ryadovoy's - Konsantin, Valery Peritsky, Zakhar and Private Anthony Edwards (English).
  • A very strange event occurs at night, something the squad is sworn to secrecy to by the NKVD.

Tue 6th Oct

  • Squad recieves meagre rations.

Wed 7th Oct

  • Klerd and Alexia are sent out on a mission to find fuel to make molotov cocktails, they were spotted by a platoon of Germans and shot at but escaped back to the Cannery.

Thur 8th Oct

  • Uneventful day.

Fri 9th Oct

  • Recieve a visit from Commissar Ivanovich who encourages them to keep up the fight.

Sat 10th Oct

  • Recieved meagre rations during the day.
  • Went down to the Cellar that night and purchased a bottle of Vodka.

Sun 11th Oct

  • Serzhant Nikolai approached the captain about getting more ammo and tried to bribe him with a bottle of Vodka, the captain warned him to never try this approach again, but was impressed with his tenacity and gave the group 6 clips of 1930G ammo.
  • Corporal Golushko and his friends drop in for a visit during the night.

Mon 12th Oct

  • Noticed some of the men suffering from hunger - need more rations if available.
  • Watched Russian Bomber aeroplane crash into the second story of a building a few streets away. The female pilot crawled into the building.
  • Almost at the same time a squad of black coated German SS solders went after the plane.
  • Leaving Ryadovoy's Akan, Pyotr and Zakhar to guard the cannery, Serzhant Nikolai Took the rest of his Squad and went to help.
  • Encounted heavy resistance in the abandoned building. Lost 2 men Ryadovoy Valery Peritsky and Private Anthony Edwards (English). Another Ryadovoy - Konsantin was wounded and refered to the Hospital.
  • The pilot saved was rushed to HQ - Anna Lewinsky proved to be a woman of value to the war.
  • Ryanovoy Oleg was told about his transfer to sniper school, a result of his talking with Anna Lewinsky.
  • Serzhant Nikolai took Klerd and visited the cellar. With money he found on the SS Leader bought, food for his Squad including bread, stew and several cans of fruit and mystery meat.

Tue 13th Oct

  • Uneventful day With only Milkale the boy from the cellar to visit during the night.

Wed 14th Oct

  • Uneventful day, Unless you count two big soldiers showing up, puting a bag over Ryanovoy Oleg's head and carting him off to sniper school as something of an event.

Thur 15th Oct

  • Kapitan Borris Petrovic summoned Serzhant Nikolai and told him about a counter offensive. The Germans had taken an abandoned hospital a few streets from the Cannery. Serzhant Nikolai was to take his squad plus first squad and retake the hospital.
  • First squad led by Cpl Brodi Volkov joined third squad at the cannery and included a propergander reporter Demedi Barkaov, after a pep talk from Commissar Vasily Ivanovich, Serzhant Nikolai took charge and they made their way to the buildings across from the hospital.
  • The first building contained a German machine gun crew which Klerd and the Serzhant soon cut down. Across the street another German machine gun crew opened fire on 3rd squad killing several members, including the sniper Vladimir Tzentezi, Pyotr Kusnishchev, and Vladimir Tupolov. Members of 1st squad under coverfire from 3rd squad made their way to the hospital and tried to remove the machine gun by pulling it out the window (ended up with burnt hands from the hot barrel).
  • Demedi proved her bravery by sneaking around the other way reaching the hospital first. Serzhant Nikolai soon strided over to join her and was rewarded with several German grenades thrown at him for his trouble. Losing his cool he kicked in the Hospital door and was shot by several German soldiers. Demedi took a grenade offered by the Serzhant and opened the way for 1st and 3rd squad to enter the hospital. Ressistance was strong and included a giant of a German using a large sledge hammer who seemed near bulletproof. The giant German wounded several members of 1st squad killing one and also killed Alexiay Pentrenko from 3rd squad. The giant seemed unstoppable until Demedi shot him in the head. Other Germans also killed Akan Makarakov and 2 other members of 1st squad including Cpl Brodi Volkov.
  • It was a tough victory with close to thirty Germans killed, 9 Russians dead and another 7 wounded.