Just creating this page so it is ready to go when we have NPC descriptions. (I couldn't find my notepad…in fact I have nothing, not even my own PCs).

Rank Superiors

Kapitan Borris Petrovic:
Did organise some food for the group.


Commissar Vasily Ivanovich:
Met early on when he came around trying to boost morale. Obviously a very strong Communist. Reassigned Ivan Betts. Made a second appearance in late October to keep spirits up.

Corporal Golushko & Co.

Corporal Golushko:

Corporal Ivan Karloff & Co. of 2nd Squad

Paid us a visit the day after we took the hosi.
Corporal Karloff:
Ortenko Ded: Szt Nikolai's cousin and life-long friend.
Also inc Alasko Prach & Radivon Lamour

The Cellar

Alexandra: A soldier who works at an anti-aircraft battery. Arkan became quite acquainted with her.