Starvation Mission Log

As the heroes awake their personalities follow Gus, the Soviet outcast, lost his arm to war and now has no fear of pain. Israphel, the self obsessed sergeant ready to plough through the troubles ahead. MR.CLANK, a small, lost robot taken away from his hospital where he worked and stolen as a slave. An unnamed Trooper with a hate for Aliens and the single goal of money and three more, the assassin from an ancient cult who goes by the name of Viktor and two men fighting for their unnamed friend.

They awoke in a forest damp and misleading, a thousand paths to take, only one was true, their way was lit by the fortress of Ahkbana, a super fortress full of markets and friendly faces, two devoted soldiers were ordered by their unnamed master to examine a restricted area, the cannons were quick to assure they were no more, "too many men die for their masters unaware of the lack of benefits to themselves" - Viktor, speaking about the soldiers that lost their lives, the heroes crossed ferocious lakes filled with undead horrors, a desert with a secret black market stall hidden beneath its scorching sands and a field of ice atop a lake concealing the bodies of horrendous experiments conducted by the unknown.

The mech, a sentinel guarding a soviet arms factory for hundreds of years was quickly felled by the ex - military convict with no name with barely a flinch involved, the passion of looting such a factory can drive a man to do great things, what comes next is hidden, a shrouded mystery waiting to unfold.