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A page for tools for Weird Wars specifically. For other WM toold see the DM Toold section of Connors Campaigns.

Files Attached

Extras Template

Latest colour-coded extras sheet.

Useful Ideas/Charts

Extras' Extras

Use this chart to quickly give an extra a little bit of individuality & help to determine their BG's prior to the war. (Only need to roll if the Extras are going to play a sustained role in the group of course).

All results are determined randomly.

1. Random Personality trait without rules (SWXE p99 or use numerous charts I have for NPCs)
2. Random Edge (Use my full lists; Determine the likely type of Edge randomly too if you wish)
3. Random Hindrance (Use the Hindrances and Edges tables I have done)
4. Random Skill (Don't forget the many Knowledge skills that are important to WW. Skill table in SWXE p38 has 24 skills. I would treat 25-30 as specific Knowledge skills. If you roll a skill the Extra already has then simply increase it 1 die).
5. Added Weaponry or Equipment (Add something extra to this Extra's standard issue)
6. Unique special ability (Make something up that this Extra can do that others can't. If this is too challenging make them a Henchman [they get a Wild Die], a Minion [drop on any hit that causes a wound] OR roll twice and combine).